Teaching Responsibility and Accountability with A Fish Aquarium


Having an aquarium is like having an interactive educational media at home that can do wonders, spark one’s imagination, inspire cognitive development, and improve social and emotional skills.  Studies have shown that there are benefits of giving a child with ADHD a pet fish to take care of.

Even just a portion of the underworld, when observed, will make us be in awe of what we see.  It is full of alluring comeliness, delicacy and elegance that goes with it.  Because of people’s fascination for the underworld, they go lengths to be able to join risky activities for a glimpse of the exquisite environment.

Similarly, every place that is visited is uniquely distinct from each one for after all, each place carries its own peculiar anotherness, like the coral formation, the vegetation, color, items found there, and its habitats.  We can say that fish tanks is a small representation of the ocean since we can also find things similar to it like algae on them, corals of different shapes and sizes and small treasure chests  or sunken articles.

The imagination and creativity of an person can be sparked by having an aquarium, a smaller version of the deep blue sea.  You can decide to put things in the aquarium that would be interesting to you like putting rocks or sand from the ocean, etc.   This even means seeking to find a way to let their pet fish have the kind of environment where they are well suitably adapted.  Entailing them to do some research, visiting larger public aquariums and etc.  If there is nothing developed in the imagination or in the cognitive development of a person through having an aquarium, then I don’t know what his use of an aquarium is for. For more facts and information about aquariums, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/pets/pet-fish/fish-tanks/.

If creating a small version of your underworld brings wonder to one’s creative development, then looking after that aquarium and maintaining it aptly would furthermore cause one to be accountable and responsible.   The reason why we grow in responsibility and accountability is because you become liable to the life of the fish you are taking care of, and you are also responsible for making their living environment something suitable for their existence.  The keeper also needs to make sure that there is sufficient food to the last and that it is regularly given to the pet fish, and that the water is clean and regularly cleaned without procrastinating in doing the task.  And by all means, this will help teach someone to be more responsible towards its larger surrounding, it helps them develop their social skills.  This is really something wonderful.

Aquariums are a wonder since by simply look at it, our stress and anxiety is reduced, and we learn about the science of chemistry, biology, and ecology at the same time, click now!


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